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Choose who you want to help

Gathering to Give puts you in control of leading change. You decide what you want to give and which needs you want to fulfill. Then rally your colleagues, friends and families to gather and make a difference together. Help one project or help them all…it’s up to you and your group to decide how to lead the change. Search for a cause you feel passionate about now.

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Help Everyone in the Greater Rochester Community

United Way's Community Fund supports programs that address our community’s most critical challenges. Each gift helps local people. Please give today to ensure a better tomorrow for those in need.

Give Babies the Best Start

Get our community's kids on the right track at an early age. Give little ones safe, loving homes free from abuse and neglect. Help hundreds of kids showing signs of learning delays get ready for kindergarten.

Prepare Kids for Success

Sponsor a mentor for a local kid, support after school and summer programs, or help them when they start showing signs that they're in trouble.

Support Seniors & Caregivers

Help older people in our community live out their golden years with good health, happiness and independence.

Meeting Basic Needs

Whether it is homelessness, domestic violence, financial distress, or resources for loved ones with disabilities, thousands of people in our community need help meeting their basic needs. Each family and individual have their own challenges to overcome. There is one common thread, though; getting basic needs services can mean achieving independence. Your gift can get people on the path to independence.

Support a specific local health and human service organization. Click here for more details.


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